Nationwide Paintball provides each player with only the safest, cleanest and best quality equipment, ensuring your day is safer and more comfortable than ever before. Every player receives:


Nationwide Paintball provides the latest in semi-automatic paintball guns, more commonly referred to in the industry as markers. Markers such as the Tippmann FT-12 are amazingly accurate, lightweight and easy to operate (different venues may supply patrons with different markers on a game day).



As with all outdoor adventure sports safety of those participating is of prime importance, and in the sport of paintball there is no piece of safety equipment more important than good reliable helmets / facemasks / goggles. Masks should be lightweight and comfortable to allow the most enjoyment while you are on the paintball field.



All paintball venues will issue you with some kind of protective suits for while you are playing. The best suits are always freshly laundered and offer additional padding in places like the neck.



While not available at every paintball centre, keen operators offer protective body armour at no extra cost to customers who want it. In the body armour, plastic plates are woven into a custom designed, fully ventilated mesh waistcoat that keeps your upper torso protected while retaining flexibility.



These waist-mounted ammunition holders allow paintballers to carry up to an additional 400 paintballs into each game of paintball. That’s enough ammunition to wipe out any army.


We strongly recommend the use of our full length paintball combat suit, as it will significantly reduce the chance of any scratches, burns, bites, cuts, irritations, bruises or other direct contact injuries. There are naturally occurring hazards throughout our centres and wearing the full length combat suits will reduce the chance of injury.